What is the purpose of the currencies?

taigacoins are earned by claiming daily, weekly and monthly rewards as well as chatting actively. Especially the last makes it a way to reward your Users for being active on your Sever and for chatting.

taigagems on the other hand are earned for completing a list of daily Tasks. The main purpose of those are to increase user engagement and reward users for using the bot actively. Some of the tasks also include interactions with other users (such as gifting a small amount of taigacoins, using the hug Command etc.) which encourages interaction between the Users.

What can I do with the currencies?

taigacoins can be given to other users and can be used to buy packs of Trading Cards.

taigagems can be used to buy Rare Trading Card Packs which have better chances for more rare Trading Cards. In the future, we'll add more uses to both taigacoins and taigagems!