Branding Guidelines

We let everyone use our Branding, however there are few slight guidelines you need to follow when using the taiga Branding


In the following, you'll find a list of the taiga Logos in all possible Colors. Do NOT use any other colors than those threes. If possible, use SVG Files.

Main Logo

Icon only

Text only

Usage Guidelines

GOOD Usage

  • Using the taiga Branding when referring to taiga
  • Putting just the taiga Logo in a Shape such as a Circle or a Square in Pinga, White or Black
  • Adding a Dropshadow to the Logo to make it visible better.

BAD Usage

  • Using the taiga Branding when not referring to taiga
  • Using a Gradient
  • Adding an Outline
  • Using a Pattern
  • Adding Effects
  • Blurring the Branding
  • Using a too low resolution (always use SVGs if possible)
  • Warping or streching the Branding
  • Adding Elements behind or in front or directly next to the logo (keep some distance)
  • Recoloring the logo to any color not Pinga, White or Black
  • Using the taiga Branding in a commercial Product without written Permission








Pretty dark


Almost black


Pretty bright