What is taiga?

taiga is a Discord Bot with many unique features such as Trading Cards. In Addition to that we're working on one of our biggest features so far: Plugins. More on that later.
Once it's done, all of those features will be customizable in our very own Webinterface.

How can taiga help your Server?

With our features, taiga will be able to help your Server by providing the Features you need and by letting your Users use many fun features such as our Global Economy and Trading Cards.
Trading Cards let users connect by opening Packs together and exchanging which Cards they have. With a future Update, they will even be able to trade Cards with eachother.

In addition to that, we have a second Currency that can be used to buy some rarer things which can only be earned one way: Completing daily Tasks. Those can be things such as opening a Pack of Trading Cards, talking with other Users etc.

What are Plugins? What is their Purpose?

Plugins will be one of the primary Features of taiga and will be the biggest thing to make it stand out from others.

Plugins will allow Users to add their own Features for their Server, whilst still using Features such as Moderation. Additionally, they will also allow Users to create Plugins for things such as Weather Commands etc. and Publish them on the Plugin Marketplace. This will give Guild Administrators the ability to access all the features and tools they could need in a single Bot, whilst not giving them the Features they won’t need.

I'm a Developer. Why should I use taiga with Custom Plugins instead of a Custom Bot?

There are multiple reasons why you would want to do that. The first one would be that it's free. You don't need to pay for hosting. taiga is financed by paid Subscriptions, which are not needed to use the Bot though.

Another reason is that you don't need to code everything from scratch. You can use public Plugins for basic Features and can only add the features you need. This saves a lot of time in programming and code maintenance.