The bot that can do more

taiga Bot is a Bot for the Chat Platform “Discord” which tries to offer many features and is made for a very wide audience.

Available 24/7!

taiga Bot has a 99% Uptime and we try our best to make Maintenances as short as possible

Fast Support

We try to answer your questions within less than 5 Minutes during our Support Times

Global Economy

To keep your Users active, there is a global Economy which allows Users to earn a virtual Currency for Chatting

Trading Cards

Users can use their taigacoins to open Virtual Trading Cards of Anime Characters and collect Rare Cards

Utility Commands

taiga also offers many Commands for all purposes to for example obtain a Player’s Stats in a Videogame etc.

Outstanding Support

A feature is broken? You have a suggestion? Something is unclear? Contact our Support!

Fast Support

During our Support Times, we try to get back to you within a few Minutes.


You can contact us via Livechat which means we can reply to you even faster!

Experienced staff​

Our Staff is experienced with taiga and knows how the Bot works to help you instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

taiga is currently being developed entirely in our free time. Server costs are currently also being paid out of our own Pocket. However, when taiga grows, the Server Costs also grow, which is why we’re planning on adding paid Subscriptions which add minor features.

taiga is for everyone. Be it a Business, a Gaming Community, an Art Community or just a Personal Discord for Friends. Especially with the Plugins Feature on our Roadmap you’ll soon be able to customize taiga exactly for your needs!

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