The bot that can do more

taiga is a bot with the goal to provide all the features you need in one Bot

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taiga comes with many community made translations. taiga is currently available in 12 languages and that number is always growing!

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Fast Support

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us via livechat, Discord, E-Mail and Twitter and we'll try to get your Issue sorted within a few minutes.

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Global Economy

taiga features a Global Economy which two currencies that can be earned by Chatting or completing daily tasks to make your Server active!

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Trading Cards

taigacoins can be used to purchase Virtual Trading Cards of Anime Characters which can soon be traded with other Users.

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Controlpanel Soon!

taiga allows you to easily manage your Guild's Settings, Trading Cards, Currencies, personal Settings and much more directly from your Browser with an easy to use online Controlpanel!

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Expandable Soon!

taiga has a Plugin System which allows every user to develop their own plugins and submit them for moderation. Those Plugins can then be enabled on a per-guild basis

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